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OneFlower Honey of Australia (Trading As: OneFood Honey) is a qualified Australian honey producer. We provide 250grams and 500 grams packaged active jarrah honey, natural honey, meditree honey and wild honey with trade mark registered brands: OneFlower and OneTale to Australian domestic and international customers.

OneFood jarrah honey, meditree honey, low GI natural honey and wild honey are all produced in Australian native forests, completely natural and untreated. The honey is cold extracted and packed that allowing all the natural nutrition and active properties in honey at maximum level. The taste and look of honey can vary due to the different location of bee sites and variation in the associated environments, this creates a unique outcome for each jar of honey for you to enjoy an interesting sweet from the nature.

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Antioxidants Certified
Industry Quality Assured
Low GI Tested
Jarrah Authentic Certified
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           Jarrah Flowers
     Bee sites in Native Forest
Wild Gum Tree Flowers
Natural Product - OneFood Honey