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Australia MediTree Honey Group Pty Ltd (Trading As: OneFood Honey) is a honey producer based in Perth, Western Australia, our honey is all collected from Western Australian native forests; it is completely natural and untreated. The honey is cold extracted and packaged maintaining all the natural nutrition and active properties at their maximum level. The taste and look of honey can vary due to the different location of bee sites and variation in the associated environments, this creates a unique outcome for each batch of honey. The honey is rated by UAF* to identify antioxidant levels in its entire range of honey to assist you in making an informed choice in your selection of honey products.

Our MediTree Honey, Jarrah Honey, Natural Honey and Wild Honey are all collected from Western Australian virgin forest floras, they have no GM (Genetically Modified) risks, is unprocessed and taken straight from beehives. No any substances are extracted out, none additives are added into the honey and all honey is cold extracted and bottled that retain the maximum active properties and natural nutrition in the honey.

Australia MediTree Honey Group is a qualified Australian honey producer. We provide 250 grams and 500 grams packaged raw honeys with trade mark registered brand: OneFlower.

Our MediTree honey, Jarrah honey, Natural honey and Wild honey are all unheated, unprocessed, no blending with any foreign honey from other countries and regions, they are purely produced in Australia.

Products of our Honeys:
  • MediTree honey​
  • Jarrah Honey
  • Natural Honey
  • Wild Honey

100% Raw & Natural Australian honey that is taken straight from beehives to you!


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Glycemic Index Certified​
Jarrah Authentic Certified
Antioxidants Certified
100% Australian Honey
Industry Owned Quality Assurance